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24th April 2018

We will be shut tomorrow Wednesday 25th April and re-open Thursday from 9am.

29th March 2018

We are shut for the long weekend and will re-open Tuesday 3rd April from 630am. If you need to make an appointment you can still do this via our website. Kath, Amanda, Sings and Laura

9th January 2018

After 6months of maternity leave with these two gorgeous little superstars. Kath is back working Mondays and Fridays 630am-2pm and Wednesday 4-6pm. For all Physio and Pilates consults (minus classes) book online via our website, email or call us. Look forward to seeing you in the clinic soon. Team at GPP xx

1st January 2018

We will be back on deck from 630am on the 8th Jan. Remember you can book online for an appointment.

24th December 2017

Wishing all our clients a wonderful Christmas and New Year. We will be shut from 23rd December and re-open 8th January. Keep safe and looking forward to seeing everyone in 2018.
Kath, Amanda, Sings and Laura.

2nd October 2017

• Pelvic Floor with the Magic Circle •
Pre Natal Pilates a great way to set you up on your pregnancy journey and beyond.
The above exercise is challenging the following:
•Pelvic Floor -activation and endurance
• Scapula control in sitting (good for those hours spent holding squeaming new borns!)
• Pelvis position in sitting (office workers this is for you, as well as preggos with there growing tummies)

1st October 2017

Phoebe on the Richmond Bandwagon. How good was that game!!

29th September 2017

We are closed today for Grand Final Friday and will re-open Tuesday. Yes that's right Tuesday we are having an extended break 💛🖤❤️💙

26th September 2017

Here's a clip of the previous mentioned exercise. 3 different arm variations to challenge your system

26th September 2017


A great way to keep active and strong through both stages. Here Kath is working on unilateral stability of her pelvis with a great glute exercise Scooter. Enjoy the burn in your back pocket muscle. It's not for everyone during there pregnancy journey, so an individualized program set out by your Physio at GPP is key. Book online an initial consult via our website.

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26th July 2017

• The newest member to join our team ❤️ Piper Mae Williamson •
Born 25/7/17 weighing 8pounds and 54cm long. Kath and Piper going well.

3rd July 2017

• Introducing Singita Lakha•

Singita graduated from the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa in 2004 with a Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy. She has been working in Melbourne for the past 5 years.

Since graduating Singita has worked in a number of different areas within Physiotherapy, with her main experience being in the Musculoskeletal, Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation areas. Singita owned her own private practice clinic in South Africa for 6 years before moving to Melbourne. During this time she worked closely with Orthopaedic Surgeons, Sports Physicians and other Allied Health Professionals.

Sinigta has a wealth of knowledge and has post graduate training in Dry Needling, Clinical Pilates with DMA and PINC & STEEL Pilates, Mulligan manual therapy. She also treats pre and post natal women.

She enjoys cycling challenges like the Tough mudder and Spartan. She plays tennis twice a week at her local club.

Singita is Katherine's other Locum (alongside Ilona) and works part time and is available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Evenings for both Physiotherapy & Clinical Pilates appointments.

30th June 2017

And that's a wrap. Kath is now officially on Maternity Leave! Ilona Grunbaum is covering her Clinical Pilates classes and assessments Monday, Wednesday and Friday and Singita Lakha covering her Physiotherapy Consults Tuesday-Thursday evenings and Clinical Pilates Tuesday and Thursday pm (watch this space for Singita's "Sings" profile). Take care everyone and I'll be back before you know it! Ps. Yes this is me doing side plank at 37 weeks pregnant 💪🤰🏼

28th June 2017

• Clams • Posterior Glut Med. Your back pocket muscle and a great muscle to keep strong for lower limb alignment and pelvic stability. Adding a theraband above your knees can increase the burn felt through your 🍑 Laura just ran 10kms last night so we were being nice today......

28th June 2017

• Scapula Stabilisation •
Harder than it looks & great for all you desk workers and shoulder rehabilitation.

28th June 2017

• Beanies for Brain Cancer• Kath showing her support 👍

15th June 2017

Welcoming Ilona Grunbaum to the Gardenvale Team. Ilona will be taking over Kath's Pilates classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Head to our webpage to check out her impressive bio.

11th June 2017

We are closed Monday 12th June and back at it Tuesday from 7am.

7th June 2017

Happy 4th Birthday to us @gardenvalephysioandpilates 👯👭 Thank you to all our gorgeous clients for your continued support. Amanda & Kath

23rd May 2017

GPP now sponsoring the cobras with Laura running an in-house Physio service every Thursday night.

14th May 2017

Happy Mothers Day to all our beautiful Mumma's. Amanda, Kath & Laura ❤️

13th May 2017

Elwood by night #bayside #gardenvale #physio #pilates

5th May 2017

Melbourne you really are a beauty on days like this 🍁

3rd May 2017

#moveactive #moveforchange @moveactive

2nd May 2017

MOTHERS DAY- we have gift vouchers and move active pilates socks available. If you need to drop any not so subtle hints send them our way 🤦🏼‍♀️